Monday, September 15, 2014

A Hymn to Our Lady of Sorrows

It is the feast of the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary, to whom I dedicate this song.
It can be sung to the tune "Pange Lingua" or, for a more festal occasion, "Regent Square".

Mary, by the cross abiding,
Underneath that sacred tree,
When our Lord to John confiding,
To his Church entrusted Thee,
In thy tender heart residing,
Were some wounds that came from me.

Oh what crushing contemplation,
Is't to know that I have brought,
To my star of veneration,
Even one unpleasant thought;
Yet in choosing Thy vocation,
Thou a sinner's life hast bought.

See upon Thy heart, so burning,
Is a crown of thorns entwined
By those Christians who are yearning,
After luxuries refined,
And in spite of Thee are earning,
Nought but penalty to find. 

Coredemptrix, Queen of Sorrow,
Bear away my soul to Thee!
O could I some language borrow,
Which would praise Thee fittingly,
Every day upon the morrow,
I would sing it mournfully!