Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lullaby, My Beautiful One

Lullaby, my beautiful one;
See how the lights all fade to dark;
The ocean of sleep is wide and vast,
But it's not long till night is done.
Do you not see it? A little bark
Awaits with silken sails on the mast;

It wants to carry you on the wave--
Up and down, now feel it rock;
It gently seeks the house of the moon,
Where little elves can misbehave,
And naiads sing as satyrs gawk,
And faerie-harpers keep the tune.

Selene, the mistress of the dance,
Whose throne is in the starry skies,
Will linger just a while for you.
She weaves sweet dreams between her hands,
That little girls who close their eyes
Can see before the morning dew.

So go to sleep, my beautiful one,
And do not wake till night is done.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Catechism in Song - Lesson 1 - God and Man

Your voice, O God, was great enough,
To make the darkness shine;
And nothingness became a world
At your command divine.

You spoke my name and knew of me,
When you took Adam's hand;
How great the love which built all this
To house a sinful man!

My voice is yours though far too weak
To build a gift for thee,
So take your own to praise your works
And sing eternally.

You made me to adore your name,
In earth and heav'n above,
That we might be with you always
By vision and by love.

But how do I, a refugee,
Cast out by pride and sin,
Know whom I love, or how to seek
Your presence once again.

Then I look down upon my path
And footprints I see there;
The way Apostle's feet have trod
I follow without fear.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Ark (lyrics to a spiritual song)

Verse 1
Noah built an ark of wood,
To ride upon the wave,
And point us to that bloody rood,
Which never fails to save.

But what I build to keep my soul,
It shatters from within;
A house of cards, to be kept whole,
Needs shelter from the wind.

Sing for joy, O House of God,
For God has chosen Thee;
And let me dwell within your courts,
For all eternity.

Verse 2
Moses built an ark of gold,
Veiled by angel's wing;
We catch the sound of words untold
As angel choirs sing.

O let me stop just once to see,
With eyes of faith and fear,
The Ark which offers hope to me,
And dries my every tear.


Verse 3
And Solomon, the good and wise,
Would not lay down to rest,
Till he had seen a temple rise
From the very best.

And I'm like bricks made out of clay,
And Earth gives little straw.
So who am I to hide away
Your wonders and your law?


Verse 4
The Spirit built for you a heart
Free from every stain;
Now every grace which you impart
Is Hers to give away.

She kept for you a tender home
In flesh so pure and clear;
My flesh let it be Hers alone,
So you may linger here.