Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Catechism in Song - Lesson 3 - The Kinds of Sin

Lesson 3 - The Kinds of Sin

Refrain: There are three kinds of sin with which we must contend,
Every day till our days are done;
There are three that will flee when we have charity,
And our God hates them, every one.

Verse 1:
And the first is the kind that makes all of us blind,
Which we did not commit at all,
But old Adam and Eve, by the serpent deceived,
Brought the sin called Original.

By that sin we are slaves to this Earth and its ways
And we cannot reach heaven's door.
Only one Lady yet was so Immaculate
That from sin she was kept ever pure.

Verse 2:
Now the other two kinds which we must keep in mind
Are the sins that we sadly commit.
They are actual sins against God and all men,
And they make us for heaven unfit.

The most dreadful of these like a deadly disease
Kills the life God has put in your soul.
They are mortal and grave and, unless you are bathed
By confession, to Hell you will go.

Verse 3:
But the devil has sense and he knows greater sins,
Are too often too hard to employ,
So he often attempts with a lesser offense,
To deceive us and lessen our joy.

These are venial crimes and so many a time,
We allow them to darken our hearts;
But each mortal offense very often begins,
When a habit of sinning starts.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Catechism in Song- Lesson 2 - God the Father and Creator

We believe in one God, the Trinity,
Who has always been and ever shall be,
Father, Son, and Spirit in Unity,
One God, one in Three. (2x)

We believe in One who is always near,
Knows our every thought, and comforts our fear,
We His mystery and power revere,
One God, always near. (2x)

We believe that God made our souls like Him,
So that, like a Light, He could shine therein,
May we never stain His image with sin.
One God, shine again. (2x)