Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sonnet In Memoriam - June 19, 2008

The stars of midnight share their light with you--
I look at them, so distant and so cold;
These gods of mem'ry in my heart renew
All things I love but never more can hold.

I think of you with them, when I am weak,
Beyond the sea whose harbor is the grave;
How you would know the tongues that they would speak,
In isles of light that wayward sailors save.

Before the stars in prayer, I often dream
That I am starlight shining in your eyes,
And guiding you across the pathless stream,
To Him whose realm is guarded by the skies.

My dreams are constellations of your thought,
Which newly once, in ancient words, you taught.

Monday, July 21, 2014

O Slaves of Christ Through Mary - A Hymn

To the tune "Nyland" or "Kuortane"

O slaves of Christ through Mary,
Set free from Adam's stain,
The chains of love you carry,
Bring joy that conquers pain;
Then not as hosts infernal,
Who name Her out of fear,
But with glad hymns eternal,
Sing to our Lady dear!

O Mary, sweetest Mother,
Thy children look to Thee,
For there is not another,
So near the Trinity.
In Thee the holy image
Of God took on its hue,
That when we see Thy visage,
Our Lord comes into view.

Those who would teach God's people,
To cease Thy endless praise
Will call Thy servants feeble,
Who pray through Thee always.
Yet in their condemnation,
They Satan's lies repeat,
Who at the incarnation,
Bowed not before Thy feet.

O Lord Thy cross and manger
Of one same wood were built,
Which rescues us from danger,
And frees us from our guilt;
At both Thy fairest Maiden,
Thou givest unto us,
Whose hands are heavy laden,
With graces plenteous.

The wood is self-denial,
And slav'ry is the tree,
Which makes of love a trial,
And proves fidelity.
So make us slaves through Mary,
Let love our shackles be,
So that we may not tarry,
In running after Thee.

Friday, July 18, 2014

A Hymn to Mary, Queen of All Hearts

To the tune "Duke Street" or "Old 100th"...

O Mary Queen of every heart,
Whose prayer doth life and light impart,
Take root in us who sing to Thee,
That we may ever fruitful be.

Thou gavest birth unto our Lord,
Then we, His members, in accord
Look to Thee as our Mother still,
Rejoicing in Thy holy will.

Thou art the Holy Spirit's Bride,
So let us cast away our pride,
And may we have Thy presence here,
Where He may linger ever near.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow;
Praise Him all creatures here below;
Praise Him above ye heavenly host;
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Arkansas, Our Native Land - A State Anthem

So, Arkansas needed (note the past tense) a new patriotic song to sing at school gatherings, public assemblies, etc. So I wrote one. To be sung to the tune "Austria":

1. God of nations bless our country,
Arkansas, our native land!
Let our hearts be just before Thee;
Guide us with Thy righteous hand!
Hill and valley, stream and delta,
Unto Thee we consecrate.
|: May the Lord of every people
Bless the banner of our state!:|

2. May this Christian land be christened,
With a flood of penitence,
When we have Thy law forgotten,
And have given Thee offense!
Not by armies, not by canon,
Are our lives made safe and free;
|: Make Thy people ever mindful
That our safety is in Thee!:|

3. Lands of harvest, lands of plenty,
Thou hast given us to keep.
When the foes of peace assail us,
Lord arouse us from our sleep!
Teach the hands of patriot warriors
Both to fight and to prevail!
|:With the Lord of hosts before us,
Arkansas shall never fail! :|