Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Peacemaker's Prayer- Prayer/Poem of the Week

Dear Lord,
You tell us that they are blessed who bring the good news of peace--peace, not as the world gives but that which can come from you alone--and you promise that those who bring such peace to the world are made worthy to be called the sons of God. And so we know that the more we become peacemakers, the more we are cast in your likeness, having our Mother Mary as the true mold by which that image is forged. Trusting, then, in the merits and prayers of the Queen of Peace, the Lady of All Nations, I ask you to forge my soul in all virtues, supernatural and natural, so that I may become a instrument of peace in the lives of my fellow man. Help me to share love where there is distrust. Help me to overcome whatever pride prevents wisdom from conquering misunderstanding. Guide me to be your presence to others and to bring about reconciliation as the fruit of a life hidden in you.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Unfolding Events Concerning the Traditional Latin Mass in Arkansas

H.E. Anthony Taylor, Bishop of Little Rock is attempting to reduce the number of Extraordinary Form masses in Batesville, AR from twice a month to once a month. The attendees at this Mass generally number slightly under fifty participants, with a large number of occasional visitors. They include longtime members of the parish, a Parish Religious Education instructor, a former president of the Parish Pastoral Council; most of the families have well-established ties to the Batesville community. We certainly consider ourselves sufficiently stable to support a Mass, and have the financial means to do so. 

In making this public, it is my intention solely to involve other people in helping the Bishop to make a just decision to continue and expand the availability of the Extraordinary Form in the Batesville area. We certainly do not wish to be antagonistic or unjustly critical, but rather seek a lawful, equitable, and charitable solution to this crisis. 

I ask for your prayers.