Sunday, April 30, 2017

Cor ad Cor

There's a quiet ache,
In the presence of one
Whose heart speaks to mine,
Surrounded by a love 
In ecstasy divine

You hold me close 
In your mother's embrace.
How far I've run
From the fountain of grace! 

But I'm so afraid
Of what you have in store.
How I long to hide
Before the raging fire 
You've kindled inside.

But still you're close
In a mother's embrace.
How far I've run 
From her hands full of grace! 

Ave, hail Light divine,
Ave, with your beauty shine,
Fill the corners of my mind,
Take what is yours, and take what is mine. 

And be so close
In your mother's embrace,
And when I run,
Follow me with your grace! 

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